There are two ways alcohol affects humans. The first way is positive and helpful for example it can help us calm down and relax after a stressful day, get the courage to talk to someone of the opposite sex we’re attracted to, and help numb unbearable physical pain from injuries. The second way is that […]
48 years ago humanity achieved a major feat that required intelligence, teamwork, and perseverance. After over a decade of research and testing humans set foot on the soil of the Moon for the first time ever. It was and still is one of our ultimate achievements as a species. These tattoos on the other hand…. […]
Just another day in a suburban home. As his wife filmed her workout routine this husband decided he would try and prank her video. Think of it like photobombing but in video form. You can see him determine just how he’s going to prank her video by placing his body between the two kitchen counters […]
A drug dealer in Jacksonvile, FL had his ‘trap house’ raided while he held up a handful of cash and bragged about how much money he made. He smiled the whole time until the police megaphone notified of their presence talking almost non stop about his money and even referring to himself as “we” several […]
Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We’re gearing up for a great year of fails here at and what better way to celebrate than to watch a Leprechaun bite it at the skatepark. This clip comes from MAJER Crew’s 2014 video “Leprechaun Skateboarding” which is a pretty epic video of 8 year old skater JP Garcia […]
See the Photo fails of the year below! 1. The Pen fail Well, you could have checked at least. With this level of stupidity maybe you do not deserve to hold a pen. 2. The Squeeze This is quite a squeeze, you have been warned. An eye will be kept on you! 3. The Awkward […]
Parkour fails can be the most painful thing in existence! Parkour is a french word, naming a discipline that developed from military training to avoid obstacles. It can be practiced alone without any additional equipment needed. It takes a while to became a pro and master this technique. Going all the way to pro has […]
This compilation demonstrates some of the worst weapon firing fails. Handling weapons like this can be dangerous and should be considered seriously. Learning how to fire a weapon is a good thing to know especially for self defense. Can be as well used to pop some cans for fun. But if you have not done […]
Veterans can fail sometimes too, after all we are humans. See this video compilation of military fails. Some of them look painful.. The profession of soldiering as in military is far more older than recorded history itself, so this has been developing for some time. Professional soldiers still seem to fail while on duty or […]
Statistically women drivers are involved in more crashes and traffic fails than men. And men tend to spend way more time behind the wheel than women… This is indicating that women drivers are much more unskilled than men. This should not offend the women, its simply statistics. Men drive 60% of the time while women […]