In Irving, Texas two police officers on motorcycles smashed into each other sending motorcycle parts everywhere. Thankfully both officers appear to be ok after the crash. It appears the officers were both attempting to pull over the same vehicle when one of them hit the other and sent both bikes flying in a rain of […]
Well if this video isn’t the exact definition of karma I don’t know what is!! This guy is just messing around in front of his friends by sliding across the ice however he does NOT stick the landing… Save yourself the future embarrassment and wear ice skates on the ice… DUH?! Slipping on ice fail, […]
Water tubing is all fun and games until…. MAJOR WIPEOUT. Feeling so bad for this girl!! Doesn’t she know that the tube is supposed to stay in the water at all times?! Well if she didn’t, i’m sure it’s something she won’t be soon forgetting… Keep your tubes in the water people unless you prefer […]
One of the most memorable new trends to pop up amongst society is the hoverboard if you haven’t already heard!! The hoverboard has stirred up quite a bit of talk since some people can’t seem to figure out how stay up-right! In this video the poor kid loses control when he starts to go too […]
Oh man… this has got to be one of the dumbest things I have ever seen a person attempt to do! Dunking the basketball is only cool if you don’t have any help with it… DUH!! This video falls into the category of funny NOT cool because he slipped and fell right on his prop! […]
Wow, now that is a kid who takes his water sports seriously!! Filming and editing skills are spot-on but maybe more attention should’ve been payed to the safety of the activity… because ouch that has got to hurt! Keep a close eye on your children!! Slip-n-slide fail, here come the water works!
When you pick out the wrong driver…. LITERALLY! This play on words does the perfect job describing the unfortunate ending to this video, like seriously how hard is it to not run over a person when you have acres of green?! When you are driving a golf cart use your common sense and don’t take […]
One of the most important parts of working out is doing it in a safe and healthy way!! Lifting more weights than you can handle can actually do more harm to your body than good… and it doesn’t feel the greatest either! The big, tough, macho man in this video screams like a little girl […]
Snowboarding is cool and all as long as you land the jump by not hitting a wall or landing on your face!! In this snowboard fail video the guy attempts to sail right over a frozen-over stair case but comes up short and ends up slamming into the side railing instead! If you’re trying to […]
Just two good friends going for a peaceful stroll on their scooters… NOT! As this video progresses you start to see things spiral out of control, especially for the boy in the front!! The speed, plus the force of going downhill, plus the curve?? There’s no way to not go flying. You heard it here […]