Home Accidents


Here we see a young girl attempting a fun lava science experiment. However, things don’t turn out quite as planned, and now we know why everyone  says, “Parental supervision is advised.”
Looks like the tree wanted to fight back this time. Let’s go over the few mistakes these men made. One no one wore a safety helmet. Two they did not use a harness and most of all the tree limb was not cut down into smaller pieces. Sometimes letting the professionals do the job is […]
Cycling is a great way to get your cardio in, after a good workout it’s normal to feel sore. Drinking lots of water and stretching will get rid of those aches. That is if your soreness and aches did not just come from getting rammed by a vehicle. If this is why you are in […]
A truck tries to cross over a river on a makeshift bridge. Slowly the truck proves to be too much for the bridge as the vehicle begins to fall into the river. Luckily the truck driver could get out of harm’s way. This video shows that although it could be safe to cross a bridge […]
An SUV hauling a camper trailer tries to pass a semi truck at a high speed and the camper flips causing the SUV to crash. Caught on a dashcam this video shows the dangers of hauling or towing something behind you and driving at a high speed while trying to pass other vehicles. Even the […]
This compilation demonstrates some of the worst weapon firing fails. Handling weapons like this can be dangerous and should be considered seriously. Learning how to fire a weapon is a good thing to know especially for self defense. Can be as well used to pop some cans for fun. But if you have not done […]
Veterans can fail sometimes too, after all we are humans. See this video compilation of military fails. Some of them look painful.. The profession of soldiering as in military is far more older than recorded history itself, so this has been developing for some time. Professional soldiers still seem to fail while on duty or […]
Statistically women drivers are involved in more crashes and traffic fails than men. And men tend to spend way more time behind the wheel than women… This is indicating that women drivers are much more unskilled than men. This should not offend the women, its simply statistics. Men drive 60% of the time while women […]
Skateboarding can be fun, for those who know how to do it. Becoming a pro however, carries rewards in a form of bruises instead of medals. A few busted teeth, broken ribs, red knees, you name it. This video will give you an overview of what it takes in order to become a solid skateboarder. Skateboard […]
Every time there’s a car travelling slowly in the outside lane, forcing everyone to undertake, not responding even to flashing headlights because the driver isn’t looking in the mirror, it’s a woman. Every time there’s a car driving with foglights on in broad daylight, it’s a woman. Every time there’s a driver hunched over the […]