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Trampolines are notorious for causing injuries. We have seen them all, from people hitting their heads on the metal rim to completely falling off. It seems boys can break through just about anything. Even a net that is supposed to keep people safe. If you plan on jumping on one of these be sure to […]
There are two ways alcohol affects humans. The first way is positive and helpful for example it can help us calm down and relax after a stressful day, get the courage to talk to someone of the opposite sex we’re attracted to, and help numb unbearable physical pain from injuries. The second way is that […]
48 years ago humanity achieved a major feat that required intelligence, teamwork, and perseverance. After over a decade of research and testing humans set foot on the soil of the Moon for the first time ever. It was and still is one of our ultimate achievements as a species. These tattoos on the other hand…. […]
Just another day in a suburban home. As his wife filmed her workout routine this husband decided he would try and prank her video. Think of it like photobombing but in video form. You can see him determine just how he’s going to prank her video by placing his body between the two kitchen counters […]
A drug dealer in Jacksonvile, FL had his ‘trap house’ raided while he held up a handful of cash and bragged about how much money he made. He smiled the whole time until the police megaphone notified of their presence talking almost non stop about his money and even referring to himself as “we” several […]
Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We’re gearing up for a great year of fails here at Fails.tv and what better way to celebrate than to watch a Leprechaun bite it at the skatepark. This clip comes from MAJER Crew’s 2014 video “Leprechaun Skateboarding” which is a pretty epic video of 8 year old skater JP Garcia […]
See the Photo fails of the year below! 1. The Pen fail Well, you could have checked at least. With this level of stupidity maybe you do not deserve to hold a pen. 2. The Squeeze This is quite a squeeze, you have been warned. An eye will be kept on you! 3. The Awkward […]
You just bought your smartphone ? This is the worst thing that can happen, investing painful $500 for a device again. The fancy silicone and leather covers might fail their job in extreme cases like this. Today bringing your smartphone with you is a necessity, taking care of it is another thing. Watch the video […]
Watching people fall over is always HILARIOUS. Hoverboards were the must-have toy at Christmas and the device that burned homes down on Boxing Day. They’ve been banned from UK streetsand the city of New York. They sold in their millions, and were recalled in their millions. They got our hopes up for a Back to the Future-style personal flying device, then landed […]