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8 of the Worst Moon Tattoos Ever

8 of the Worst Moon Tattoos Ever


48 years ago humanity achieved a major feat that required intelligence, teamwork, and perseverance. After over a decade of research and testing humans set foot on the soil of the Moon for the first time ever. It was and still is one of our ultimate achievements as a species.

These tattoos on the other hand…. are not ultimate achievements.

1. Phases of the Moon Wrist Tattoo

A true lover of the Moon knows the that the Moon goes through phases but trust us when we say seeing the moon in the night sky is far better than looking down at this tattoo fail on a daily basis.
bad moon tattoo fail

2. Moon Outline Tattoo on the Forearm

The seas of the Moon are called “Mare” and this tattoo recreates them with stippling art, or dot by dot. The artist at least gets the basic shapes right, but this Moon is fairly unrecognizable to pretty much anyone without a trained eye.
bad moon dot tattoo

3. Is That a Dog on the Moon?

This tattoo seeks to be a highly realistic re-creation of the Moon on a person’s shoulder. While it’s certainly one of the most colorful Moon tattoo fails we’ve seen, it doesn’t get the shape of the Moon correct and the Mare depicted are complete works of imagination by the artist. If you look to the left-hand side you’ll see what looks like the shape of a dog throwing a ball.
ugly moon shoulder tattoo

4. That’s Definitely Not The Moon Tattoo

This Moon tattoo fail looks more like a one-eyed creepy doll head than it does the Moon.
(sent in by Ana Berozuk)
moon tattoo fail

5. The Phases of the Moon Shoulder Tattoo Fail

It sounds like a great idea in theory, “Hey I want the phases of the Moon to show how spiritual I am”. But in reality the tattoo artist apparently heard “I want some random semi-circle things on my shoulder that look the alien-language from Arrival and definitely none of them in a perfect circle or with any resemblance to the Moon”. We don’t know much about this tattoo, but we’re pretty sure alcohol was involved.
ugly moon phases tattoo

6. Phases of the Moon Side Tattoo

If you’re looking for a good graphic to depict the phases of the Moon, this isn’t it. Not only is the shape of the Moon off in each phase but at one point this tattoo more closely resembles the under-construction Death Star than the Moon we all know and love. Maybe it’s a secret symbol of supporters of the Empire? Or maybe it was just a bad decision.
bad ugly moon side tattoo

7. Nipple Equals Moon Tattoo

The best way to pay homage to the historic American moon landing in 1969? Probably to have an American flag and Astronaut (ostensibly Neil Armstrong) tattooed around your nipple. Yeah that should do it. At least this one is easily covered up.
bad nipple moon tattoo

8. That’s No Moon Tattoo

Ok so this isn’t a tattoo of the Moon itself, but it still gets added to our list of the Worst Moon Tattoo Fails. Star Wars fans get the joke, but probably wish they didn’t have to look at this tattoo. We can only hope the owner of this Moon has the decency to wear a belt.
thats no moon star wars tattoo


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