Worst workout fails! You want to look ripped like that guy on the poster? There is nothing else to do but hit the gym and lift some weights. You should consider doing your first gym sessions with someone who understands how to and has been doing it for years. Instead of just going to YouTube and […]
Crazy Russians, the world record holders for fails! When it comes to fails, the Russian people are known to hold the record. Had a few drinks more or a rage strike, there come the crazy Russians! Roughly 125 million ethnic Russians live in Russia, 80% of whom live in the European part of Russia. There […]
You just bought your smartphone ? This is the worst thing that can happen, investing painful $500 for a device again. The fancy silicone and leather covers might fail their job in extreme cases like this. Today bringing your smartphone with you is a necessity, taking care of it is another thing. Watch the video […]
Sports are great! They teach teamwork, discipline, and how to overcome life’s obstacles. But there is one obstacle sports have not taught us to defeat: a giant sheet of paper. And if you didn’t embarrass yourself during the entrance, don’t worry, you always have time during the game! In this video you will see worst open goal […]
In the most recent modern world, people have gone more oriented towards gaming. In fact gaming has become one of the top trends of 21st century. Raging gamers are more present online than ever before. Earlier, there was a craze of playing interesting games on Nintendo. Computer games were popular at that time. But these […]
Skateboarding can be fun, for those who know how to do it. Becoming a pro however, carries rewards in a form of bruises instead of medals. A few busted teeth, broken ribs, red knees, you name it. This video will give you an overview of what it takes in order to become a solid skateboarder. Skateboard […]
Every time there’s a car travelling slowly in the outside lane, forcing everyone to undertake, not responding even to flashing headlights because the driver isn’t looking in the mirror, it’s a woman. Every time there’s a car driving with foglights on in broad daylight, it’s a woman. Every time there’s a driver hunched over the […]
Both daredevils and unskilled drivers in action! Some people do not take mortality seriously and party way too much. Adrenaline is a powerful substance released in a human’s body, which the sensation seekers take advantage of. Without risk there would be no chance of experiencing this feeling, unfortunately in most cases this has a fatal ending. Beside […]
Do you know what happens when you combine strange people with permanent body ink? The worst tattoo fails. Tattoos are becoming a popular trend these days. Some people get tattoos in places that are hidden, some get them in more visible areas, while some get giant spiders tattooed across the center of their face. And whether you like tattoos […]
Police fails too, with style! Ordinary people are not the only ones that fail. Professionals do fail as well while on their duties. This video demonstrates how police fails! It seems like lately, the police departments over the globe do not hire smart people. When you call 911 you expect professionalism and have a need […]