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14 Best Hoverboard Fail Videos

14 Best Hoverboard Fail Videos


Watching people fall over is always HILARIOUS.

Hoverboards were the must-have toy at Christmas and the device that burned homes down on Boxing Day. They’ve been banned from UK streetsand the city of New York. They sold in their millions, and were recalled in their millions. They got our hopes up for a Back to the Future-style personal flying device, then landed with effing wheels attached.

Whatever you think of hoverboards, though, they’ve supplied us with hours of YouTube gold. Here are the best hoverboard fails the internet has to offer.

1. Hoverboard VS The Champ


2. Darth Vader Feels The Force (Of Gravity)


3. Shopping… For A New Hip


4. A Bigger Splash


5. Christmas Is Cancelled


6. Landing On Nature’s Cushion


7. Wiping The Floor


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