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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We’re gearing up for a great year of fails here at Fails.tv and what better way to celebrate than to watch a Leprechaun bite it at the skatepark. This clip comes from MAJER Crew’s 2014 video “Leprechaun Skateboarding” which is a pretty epic video of 8 year old skater JP Garcia […]
Parkour fails can be the most painful thing in existence! Parkour is a french word, naming a discipline that developed from military training to avoid obstacles. It can be practiced alone without any additional equipment needed. It takes a while to became a pro and master this technique. Going all the way to pro has […]
Sports are great! They teach teamwork, discipline, and how to overcome life’s obstacles. But there is one obstacle sports have not taught us to defeat: a giant sheet of paper. And if you didn’t embarrass yourself during the entrance, don’t worry, you always have time during the game! In this video you will see worst open goal […]